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Our listing advantage is guaranteed.  We promise to exceed your expectations.

We offer a custom, strategic-marketing plan customized for your specific needs by asking important questions to maximize efficiency and exposure.

We offer an up-front, no-nonsense approach to selling RE.  We will tell you if we are not the best fit for your situation.

We follow Covid Guidelines, ensuring the safety of your family and loved ones.

We have 50-combined years of knowledge with a commitment to being the best.  Nick was an original Palmia sales manager for J.M. Peters, since the grand opening in 1989, giving him vast knowledge and experience unsurpassed by other realtors in the community.

We are focused and pro-active responding accordingly to your directions and will keep you updated on all aspects of your transaction.

We have the team behind us and take ongoing education and courses to ensure the best answers and the latest trends for your toughest problems as we guide you through the sales process with timely responses before, during, and even after the transaction is over.

We specialize in Senior RE Services.

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We will provide you a custom Competitive Market Analysis of your home, taking into account important factors such as location, property size and features, physical condition, special features and updates. We will show you data for comparable homes in your neighborhood and in surrounding neighborhoods and towns. For your home analysis, please complete the information below.


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